Cross Country Tour


Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour packages are the ultimate trip of the Himalayan countries. Combining with all the important sights; this Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages as a cross country tour allow you to gain firsthand experience of the richness that these three nations have in abundance. While taking the packages for Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour and travel across the mountains, you will visit iconic heritage sites, experience Himalayan culture, hospitality, and traditions.

The trip usually starts off in Kathmandu (you can also decide to start either from Lhasa or Paro), the capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu is also well known for culture, religion, and architecture. The vibrant history of this mystical and ancient place has left is recognition in the unique architecture that ornaments the city. This cross country trip of the Himalaya combines the Himalayan giants and ancient architecture; also visit of nearly by hill stations of Kathmandu valley like Nagarkot which gives a spectacular view of the Himalayan range.

Duration: 9 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Lhasa Tour From Kathmandu (8/9 Days Itinerary)

"Lhasa Tour From Kathmandu combines the unique culture and heritage…

Duration: 7 Day(s) | Group: 1 - 12

7-Day Kathmandu Bhutan Wonderful Tour

"7-Day Kathmandu Bhutan Wonderful Tour is a short and sweet…

Duration: 15 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Bhutan Kathmandu Lhasa Exclusive Tour (15 Days)

Traveling to Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet? Here we offer the…

Duration: 19 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal & Lhasa Tour -19 Days

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek -12Days Everyone has heard of…

Duration: 17 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Everest Base Camp Trek with Bhutan Short Tour -17 Day

Considered as one of the most popular and rewarding treks…

Duration: 14 Day(s) | Group: 1 - 12 Pax

Tibet Nepal Combined Himalayan Tour

Tibet Nepal Combined Himalayan tour (14 Days) offers an opportunity…

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Duration: 11 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

3 Country Tour (Nepal Tibet Bhutan)

3 Country Tour (Nepal Tibet Bhutan) lets travelers visit all…

Duration: 12 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Cultural Tour (Luxury Trip)

"Discover Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, three Himalayan countries packed with…

Duration: 20 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Cultural Tour and Trekking (Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan)

Cultural tour and Trekking (Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan) give an…

Duration: 18 Day(s) | Group: 1-12 Pax

Cross Country Tour (Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan)

Cross Country Tour (Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan) provides an opportunity…