About Tibet

Tibet is sacred and pure land of Tibet builds visitors feel mysterious. Tourists to Tibet will experience baptism of the hearts when greeting shocks one after another. The Himalayas filled with mysterious colors, the Yarlungzangbo River that has kept running for millions of years, and the time – honored Potala Palace, Norbulingka, the Jokhang monastery and the Tashilumpu monastery make people pay homage to them in great sincerity. When people hear the sutra-chanting sound from the monasteries in the mountains and by the rivers or stroll in front of the ruins of the ancient and unembellished Guge Kingdom, people will feel that the past time was elegantly back slowly. When people observe flying swans above the limpid alpine lakes, and hear the bold and unimpeded pastorals from the vast lowland, who can stop loving this holy land?

As Tibet is tough to reach, daring people from all over the world are looking forward to going; Tibet is a dream of tourists because of its fascinating sceneries; and Tibet is the paradise of pilgrims because of it religious position. After the Qinghai- Tibet, railway was opened to traffic, more and more friends can approach it, feel it and fall into love with it through this wonderful ‘heavenly road’.