Tibet Entry Procedure

Himalayan Windows would like to put its every effort in making your trip to Tibet as smooth as possible and making your trip an adventure of a lifetime. Therefore, we have explained the list of regulations and procedures of entry which you should know before you travel to Tibet.

General Info of Traveling to Tibet

  • Please make sure that The Tibet Travel Permit policy could be changed without prior notification and even during your trip to Tibet. Additionally, the surprising border closure might disturb your confirmed plans. Therefore, it is advised to have insurance with a good cancellation policy. If your trip to Tibet gets canceled due to the unfavorable condition or the change in policy, HimalayanWindows will keep only the required amount if necessary and refund the rest.
  • It is a MUST to have a Chinese visa and Tibet Travel Permit in order to travel to Tibet from China and Paper visa and Tibet Travel Permit from Kathmandu. Rules and Regulations to travel to Tibet are subject to change at any time.
  • You will be requested to be clear on your travel specification by mentioning desired programs during your trip planning phase as it is difficult to get your visa extended in Tibet. Then-after only, we will proceed ahead for the permit and visa arrangements.
  • The Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) only accepts permit application 2-3 weeks in advance, therefore we advise you confirm your trip to Tibet at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Himalayan Windows will assist you to get your Tibet Travel Permit which is a Must in order to travel to Tibet.
  • Please be sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months before traveling. The visa and permits cannot be granted for the passports valid less than six months. Furthermore, you will require minimum two copies of passport sized photographs for the visa application (Bring some more photographs too for Nepal visa application and other more purpose) and you can give to us while handing over your original passport for the visa application (We need your original passport while applying for paper visa from the Embassy)
  • You are NOT allowed to bring any Tibetan Religious book, Tibet Lonely Planet Book, Magazines related Tibet and Politics, Posters or photograph or Dalai Lamas or related personalities while traveling to Tibet. Basically, your bags will be searched at the customs or immigration; those kinds of stuff could be confiscated or you might not be allowed to enter Tibet. HimalayanWindows will not be responsible for any issue that happens because of this reason.
  • Moreover, please make sure that Journalists, Media persons, government officials, and Diplomats are not able to receive permits via HimalayanWindows. They have to go through the Foreign Affairs Department or other government authorities.

Confirmation Letter to Entering Tibet

Starting from July 1, 2007, the tourist bureau of the Tibet autonomous region withdraw all the agencies in the inland cities of China, and the affairs related to the “Confirmation letter of entering Tibet” are handled by the Tourism administration department of the Tourism Bureau of the Tibet autonomous region; and the relevant fees for getting the “Confirmation letter for entering Tibet” are canceled. Meanwhile, the layout of the “Confirmation letter for Entering Tibet” has been renewed, and the anti-counterfeiting mark and the characters meaning to provide free service for getting the Confirmation letter are added.  However, before entering Tibet, it is suggested to link with your nearby agency for the tour packages and confirmation letter as all the visitors should be connected by the local travel agencies.

Entering Tibet from Mainland China

  • It is suggested to mention your travel destination while applying for a Chinese Visa from the Embassy of China at any location in the world. Tibet is politically sensitive itself and sometimes the authority may refuse your visa application without any concrete reason; especially for those planning to visit Tibet. Please be sure that what sort of visa you are applying for as you might need to submit other supporting documents if your visa is different than tourists such as business or employment.
  • If you are entering to Tibet via Mainland China, you are required to obtain your Chinese Visa from your home country. HimalayanWindows will help arrange your Tibet Travel Permit from China as well.
  • As per the rules and regulations of the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB), we are not allowed to send your original permits to your home town, it must be sent to any address inside China. Therefore, you will be requested to send your proper address with telephone numbers of your Apartment or Hotel where our representative or postal man drops-off your original permits. Please do not forget to give the name of the correct hotel personnel if you are not available so that we can drop-off your Tibet Travel Permit at your hotel address. The original Tibet permits must be with you before boarding on to Lhasa, Tibet.
  • If you are taking a direct flight to Lhasa from mainland China without stopover for a night, Please provide us the complete details of your transits so that we can make proper arrangements to send your permits to the airport direct.
  • The rules and regulations of traveling to Tibet and Travel Permit can be changed overnight. So, we recommend our guest to get updated from your travel consultant before making any plan to Tibet.

Entering Tibet from Nepal (Kathmandu)

  • If you are traveling to Tibet via Nepal (Kathmandu), it is HIGHLY advised NOT to issue a Chinese Visa at your country if you have decided to enter Tibet through Nepal. That does not mean you will not be allowed to enter but your Chinese individual visa gets canceled while applying for Tibet Group Paper Visa in Kathmandu. But, make sure that if your existing Chinese visa is different one like residential or should not be canceled, please consider traveling via Mainland China rather than choosing from Kathmandu.
  • If you are holding two different country’s passports, please use the same passport for Tibet which has been used for Nepal.
  • If you are entering from Nepal, you will get the Tibet Group Paper Visa on the A4 Sized paper with your personal details according to your passport along with Tibet/China entry and exit details. No sticker visa or other details is stamped on your passport.
  • The permit can be obtained using a photocopy of your passports but your original passport must be presented while applying for the group visa at the Embassy of China in Kathmandu. Therefore, it is advised to arrive Kathmandu at least 2-3 days prior to your departure (make sure the Embassy closes on Saturdays and Sundays).  HimalayanWindows will apply for the group paper visa so that clients do not need to go to the Embassy in order to apply for the group visa.
  • HimalayanWindows can request for the number of days to be permitted in Tibet/China but please bear in mind that the final decision to permit the number of days is completely up to the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB).
  • The Embassy of China in Kathmandu opens Monday to Friday and normal visa processing is 5 working days but if it is urgent, HimalayanWindows can organize your group visa in 2 working days with an extreme urgent fee.
  • If you are planning to enter Mainland China after the visit to Tibet, the Group Paper Visa will also allow you to visit Mainland China including Tibet. You will need to clearly mention that you will visit Mainland China after the tour ends in Tibet before applying for the Tibet travel permit, please be specific that which city you will be visiting with travel itineraries as well. If you are traveling in a group to Tibet and getting separated for Mainland China or you have separate flights or dates, please kindly inform to HimalayanWindows before the permit application as you must have separate paper visas if you are separating from Lhasa. For any confusion, you can ask to our visa consulate at info@himalayan-windows.com
  • Traveling to Tibet by road is possible by Kerung Border now. Since 2015 earthquakes, no borders were open to enter by motor road. Recently in September 2017, the Tibet government has opened Rasuwagadi-Kerung border crossing to the third country (International) travelers.

Tibet Group Visa Urgent Fee Structure (From Kathmandu, Nepal)

Tibet Group Visa Fee for the USA: USD 175.00

Tibet Group Visa Fee for Canadian: USD 155.00

Tibet Group Visa Fee for Romanian: USD 90.00

Tibet Group Visa fee for Others: USD 85.00

(The Structure of Tibet Group Visa Fee is Subject to Change )