Rescue/Evacuation arrangement

HimalayanWindows provides the quickest medical assistance, Security and Evacuation services for all trekkers/mountaineers who need of it.

People might face a lot of difficulties while traveling in the mountainous regions. They need to be well-prepared prior to upcoming destinations in this mountainous sector. You might suffer from several health problems, altitude sickness, injuries and might need quick medical support or attention.

HimalayanWindows Team arranges rescue and evacuation services anywhere in the Mountains for the clients if they in need of it. To every individual including team of expedition who suffers an injury or gets sick, require prompt medical assistance. We are responsible trekking and tour operator with enough experience about the geography and sort of accidents that might occur during the time of trekking or hiking in the Himalayas. We alert our rescue and evacuation team promptly as soon as we are noticed and conduct necessary arrangements wherever need of it.

Although, we strongly recommend that you must have proper Travel Insurance in order to cover all of your rescue expenses. Mostly, you will be evacuated via Helicopter Rescue service which is moderately expensive than other type of rescue arrangements.

Helicopter Rescue Arrangement in Nepal

Rescue in Nepal has become a serious issue for all the mountaineers and trekkers; while doing the arrangement of proper rescue that are also taking risk of their lives. HimalayanWindows seriously craft the approach to save the lives of every individual who is in need of such an evacuation. Trekking in the Himalayas is not an easy task and crisis could arise at time or situation. In order to overcome from the crisis, the Helicopter or Chopper Rescue could be the best idea, as saving our lives and getting proper treatment will be on top priority. We have several helicopter or Chopper companies whom we are associated with; such as Fishtail Air, Manang Air, Mountain Air, Air Dynasty and many more.

Nepal, as being the land of splendid peaks and mountains has attracted many mountaineers & trekkers. It is also said that Man can fight with anything but not with weather condition. This could happen at any time and any places in the Himalayas; so that such a rescue arrangements is a must in order to save our lives. We are connected with several Heli Charter service companies and have done many evacuations in previous seasons; we will conduct all our efforts in making it possible and saving your precious lives.

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