Pre-Departure Information


Passport is a MUST for entry to almost any country in the world; no one can enter any country without a valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months on the date of your visa application. If your passport is valid less than 6 months and only a few pages remaining, you’d better apply for the new passport before you set off. Keep in mind that your visa, entry or exit stamps can be larger and can cover your complete page. If you have to apply for the new passport, be sure you apply for this in advance of your travel plan. If your travel agent wants a copy for the permit or other documentation, you can send passport copy but let them know that you will be renewing your passport before you set-off. And do not forget to bring a copy of your previous passport along with your new one while traveling if incase your agent has used your old passport details for permits and visas.

Make a copy of the Passport

It is highly recommended that you make a note of your passport or bring a photocopy of the passport along with the original one and keep it separately. Now, it would be even better you take a snap and save on your drive or smartphone. If you happen to lose your passport, it is easier to report with a copy to the concerned body.

Passport Sized Photograph

It is suggested to bring some copies of passport-sized photographs (at least 5-6 copies), two copies are needed for the Nepalese visa and some need for permits and TIMS. So that it is wise to bring some copies of Photographs while traveling.

Learn about Travel Agent/Company

Before you book your trip with any of the companies, make sure that you have booked with a reliable tour company. In order to make sure, check the reputation on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook and any other reputable social sites of the company before you book and confirm the holiday packages.

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Nepal Visa and Arrival Information

All the foreigners; Except Indian citizens, need Nepalese Visa to enter Nepal. Nepal Visa can be obtained from the Nepalese Embassy or consulate near your home town or country if you meet some necessary requirements. It can also be obtained On Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) but we suggest you first check with your nearby consulate whether you are eligible for getting on arrival visa or not. Please check our Nepal Immigration Regulations online to know as many of the citizens from several countries can get visa on arrival at every border immigration. Basically, you will get multiple entry visas if you are planning to visit Third County and back to Nepal and this can be helpful you are planning to book Cross Country tour across Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

Visa Fee Valid till now (Subject to change)

US$ 30 for 15 Days,
US$ 50 for 30 Days and
US$ 125 for 100 Days

Entry and Exit Point in Nepal

Here is the list of entry/exit points in Nepal; also you can get visa on arrival at these locations;
Eastern Nepal: Kakarvitta, Nepal
Central Nepal: Birjung, Parsa
Northern Nepal: Kodari, Sindupalchok (Recently closed after an earthquake (2015)
Western Nepal: Belahia, Bhairahawa
Mid Western Nepal: Jamunaha, Nepalgunj
Western Nepal (Kailali): Mohana, Dhangadi
Western Nepal (Kanchanpur): Gadda Chauko, MAhendranagar

Indian Citizens

Indian Citizens do not require a visa to enter Nepal, however, it is recommended to bring your original passport. Since October 1st, 2000, Indian Citizens traveling to Nepal by air have to show Passport or Voter’s Identity card upon their arrival. Children under 10 years do not need to show any identity card but it is recommended to bring any identity cards if available.

Info after Arrival at TIA

Before you land at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), make sure that you have sent your flight details and get the details (name and number) of the person who is coming to pick you up at the airport. In order to avoid any hassles, you may buy a local SIM card at the counter of Nepal Telecom or Ncell inside the terminal so that you can directly call to the person who is coming for pick up. If you have no intention of buying a SIM card; no worries, your representative will be coming with a Pla-Card mentioning either your name or HimalayanWindows. And make sure that no one is coming from the hotel to pick you up (if you have booked hotel yourself) as some of the hotels have such services.

Cash and Phone Service in Nepal

As we explained earlier, you can buy a SIM card upon your arrival inside the terminal and you can withdraw some Nepalese currency from the ATM very close to the Arrival terminal. Or take the help of your guide who comes to pick you up.

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Car Rental Service

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