Hiring Trip Gears

Hiring Trip Gear in Nepal

You are wise to bring your own hiking boots, comfortable basic clothes, and camera. Other gears are readily available in Kathmandu including Day packs, Duffel, Bag, Walking Stick, 4 Season Sleeping bag (it is probably a little overkill for sleeping in a trekking lodge but A Sleeping Bag rated -7 to 10 C is likely adequate for your needs and not so bulky. Layering your clothes, rather than one heavy outer layer works better and can be adjusted as temperatures tend to vary widely from morning through mid day and into the night. There are several trekking shops in Thamel, Kathmandu so you can hire all trekking gears as per your requirement. Before you decide to rent, please check the price how much it cost if you buy because something it costs you less to buy.

List of gears that are used during trekking in Nepal (Upto 5500m)

Gear marked with (*) can be hired in Kathmandu at reasonable cost and marked with (?) is optional.

  • A Pair of mountain hiking boots (?)
  • A medium backpack (to be carried by porters) (?)
  • A Small Day Bag (?)
  • Four Season Sleeping Bag (*)
  • Down Jacket (?)
  • Lightweight wind and water proof jacket (?)
  • Water Bottle (*)
  • Pair of water proof over trousers (*)
  • Inner Sleeping Sheet (*)
  • Torch/Flash light
  • Swiss Army Knife or similar
  • Swimming costume (*)
  • Medium size towel (*)
  • Washing Kit including (Medicated talcum powder, personal toiletries, biodegradable shampoo/ Soap, and personal medication (?)
  • Pairs of lightweight trousers
  • Fleece sweater
  • Pair shorts, T-shirts, Long sleeved cotton shirts
  • Pairs of heavy wool socks and 2 pairs light socks (?)
  • Thermal Underwear (?)
  • Sunglass, Sun Cream, Sun Hat and waterproof gloves (?)
  • Money Belt (?)
  • Water proof day bag cover (?)

List of Gears that are required for Peaks over 5,500m

Items marked with (*) can be hired in Kathmandu. Basically, hiring costs for this personal mountaineering equipment can up to US$150.00

  • Day pack must be good quality of 20 -25 ltrs
  • Sleeping bag to -20c
  • Snow Glass (Very good quality)
  • Waterproof Glovers, Warm and mittens (total 2 pairs)
  • climbing plastic boots (Very good quality)
  • Waterproof climbing gaiters
  • Over-trousers should be water-proof
  • Crampons
  • Ice Axe
  • Harness
  • Ascender/Desceder
  • Karabiners 2/3

List of Gears that are required for White River Rafting

On the Raft at Daytime

  • Shorts
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun hat, cap, Sun Screen Cream, Sun Glasses
  • Sporty Sandals like Teva type
  • T-shirt
  • Water Bottle

Off the Raft (To be used after rafting, can be stored in dry bag while on raft)

Towel, Long Trousers, Dry Shoes and socks, Warm Jacket or Hook, Warm T-shirt, Good quality Sleeping bag, Toiletries and Medications, Flash light/Torch and batteries, Camera