Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is a country of various ethnic groups and cultures. We have varieties of the festival of every religion and ethnic group. It is believed about Nepal that every other structure is a holy shrine every other day of the festival. Festival also offers visitors precious opportunity not only for having fun but also receiving insight into various aspects of Nepalese culture.

The religious festivals follow the lunar calendar. While national festivals have fixed dates. Whenever and wherever you arrive in Nepal, be pretty sure that you will be attending one of the festivals of any religion, we have listed the months and name of the festivals that are celebrated by different ethnic groups and different religions such as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, etc.

Festival Names with Falling Months within a year in Nepal

MonthName of the Festival
January – February·         Sweta Manchhendra Snan

·         Swasthani Puja

·         Maghe Sankranti

·         Basanta Panchmi & Saraswati Puja


February – March·         Maha Shivaratri

·         Losar

·         Fagu Purnima or Holi


March – April·         Chaitra Dasain

·         Ghode Jatra


April – May·         Biska Jatra

·         New Year’s Day

·         Red Machhendranath Jatra

·         Buddha Jayanti


July – August·         Gunla

·         Krishna Astami

·         Janai Purnima

·         Eid-Al-Fitr


August – September·         Gai Jatra

·         Teej

·         Waqf-al-Adha – Hajj


September – October·         Indra Jatra

·         Dasain or Durga Puja


October – November·         Mani Rimdu

·         Tihar or Deepali


November – December·         Balachaturdarsi

·         Bibah Panchani

·         Yomari Punhi

·         Chritsmas