Kerung/Kyirong (Nepal/Tibet) Border Opens Now

3Min to Read | By Himalayan Windows | Aug 29, 2017

GOOD NEWS for those planning to visit Tibet via Nepal-Kerung Border!

Recently, China government has opened Nepal-Tibet (China) border, Kerung also spelled as Kyirong to the third country travelers planning to visit by land from early September 2017. Also, this Rasuwagadi-Kerung border crossing is elevated to international status.


Organizing a press meet in Lhasa on Wednesday, the Tibet government announced that the Rasuwagadi-Kerung border crossings, the one and only active border connecting Nepal to China’s autonomous region Tibet, have become international from today, read a statement issued by Nepali Consulate General’s Office in Lhasa. This major border is important for China and Nepal as the Chinese government is working to extend the railway line from Shigatse to Kerung within a few years and planning discuss to extend up to Kathmandu. Therefore, this is the major concern for both countries as this route will become the major International Crossing Border to south Asian countries from China via Nepal and good for bilateral Trade and Tourism.


As there used to be no borders that are accessible for tourists to enter Tibet by land from Nepal after the closure of Kodari Border. Since the 2015 earthquake, the major Nepal Tibet Kodari border has been closed and there is no sign of its open due to heavy damage in road construction by natural calamities. However, the Kerung border is open already for importing/exporting goods and local people only.


It is obvious that the Kerung route shortens the trip to Tibet from Nepal and terminates an obligation to enter Tibet via flights only and return to the same route to be back to Lhasa. Now, it is easier for the third country travelers touring to Mount Kailash, Tibet Everest Base Camp, and other western/eastern Tibet destinations.


At times, when the Kodari border was open; thousands of travelers and pilgrims every year used to make their way to several destinations in Tibet including Mount Kailash. After Kodari Border was closed, Pilgrims were doing their pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar via the Hilsa border in Nepal or Nathu La Pass and Lipulake pass from India. The overland Kathmandu Kailash Tour via Kerung border is for 14 days starting from Kathmandu via Kerung/Gyirong, Saga, Mansarovar, Kailash. Similarly, Everest Base Camp Tour from the Tibet side can be done in a short time possible.


The Kerung Border lies in Rasuwa district and 175Km away from Kathmandu. It takes 5-6 hours to get to the border due to narrow and basic road construction. Please stay updated about the road conditions of this route during the monsoon season before you plan the trip via the Kerung route. The popular Langtang Valley is also located in the same region.


Now, tourists can plan their Tibet trips entering by land and exit by flights or trains to mainland China or V/V. It is suggested to keep few extra days in Kathmandu before the Tibet tour to process for your Tibet Group Visa and now required a minimum of 2-3 working days to process for the Group Visa to enter Tibet. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu closes every Saturdays and Sundays. Please check with your travel consultant before buying an international flight ticket To and From Kathmandu.


We will keep you posted for any updates. Stay tuned!

Happy travels!

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