5 Most Amazing New Trekking Routes in Nepal

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Enjoy the less crowded and new trekking trails in Nepal with stunning mountain views after the Coronavirus Pandemic. These trails must be the perfect Post-COVID19 trek for every mountain lover.


It is true that Nepal presents some of the most pleasing and incredible trekking routes in the world. Thousands of trekkers make their plans to explore those stunning treks in Nepal. Most of the trekking enthusiasts are interested in searching for a new and unexplored path to discover and the government of Nepal and its concerned bodies are working hard to lunch new trekking trails in several regions of Nepal that are naturally and culturally popular in order to fulfill the desire of daring trekkers.  Walking to these areas as travelers can encounter remote villages, deep valleys and flora and fauna and etc. Our government and non-governmental bodies are working hard to identify new and exciting trails in Nepal.

We have below listed 5 Most Amazing New Trekking Routes in Nepal that have much potential of satisfying every trekker.

1. Trek Tsum Valley 15-17 Days

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley used to be unexplored and unknown to most of the trekkers and eventually discovered with initiation from TAAN.  Tsum Valley is considered the most remote Himalayan Valley that recently been lunched. Tsum valley lies in the Gorkha district and in the northern part of Manaslu and it used to be a restricted area until 2008, also this region used to be the trade link with Tibet in past years. The maximum altitude for this route is 3700m above the sea level. The people from the outside world can be amazed seeing the lifestyle of Tsum Valley’s locals, one of the traditions that we can say now is all the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, this can be also called the practice of polyandry.

The trek to Tsum Valley initiates and concludes at Arughat which is about 6 hours drive from Kathmandu, as soon as you start your trek, you will start ascending the Budhi Gandaki Valley for the first half of the trek through the gentle path including dense forest, hilly villages, and terraced fields. As soon as you separate the trail for Manaslu trek and enter truly into the hidden Tsum Valley, you will get an experience of feeling different lifestyles and landscapes and hospitality of ethnic people.  During this trek, you will pass through the alpine forests, ancient Gompas, Budi Gandaki Regions and etc. It is a highly recommended trekking trail in Nepal that has recently been launched.

2. The Tamang Heritage trekking Trail – 8-10 Days

Langtang Trek

Langtang Region is one of the most popular trekking regions in Nepal; the Langtang Region is rich in cultural and Tamang heritage. Tourists can be lured by its Tamang settlement, the alpine grasslands, colorful flowered, and snow-capped mountains. The Tamang Heritage trekking trail is newly lunched routes in the Himalaya and The Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail offers you a fantastic experience and also an opportunity to observing local lifestyle, cultural and historical crafts such as baskets and mats.  You will be able to have a complete view of Langtang Lirung (7245m), Chumse Danda Ridge (5122m), Dorje Lakpa (6989m), and etc. It is highly recommended that you visit this region as the Langtang Region was severely impacted by the 2015 earthquakes and trying to get back to normal welcoming more tourists as a Post Earthquake Trekking in Langtang Region.

3. Pikey Trail in Khumbu Region (5-7 Days)

Pikey Peak Trek Pikey Peak Trek

Apart from the so-called Mt. Everest Base Camp and other nearby trekking trails, Pikey Trail has become so much popular in recent days and this has recently been launched. The Pikey Trail trekking lies in Everest Region and can be approached either by flight or Jeeps either from Jiri or Okhaldhunga. The Pikey Danda (4065m) is a popular destination to observe the most stunning Himalayas on earth. The Sunrise and sunset views of the magnificent Himalayas including Mount Everest from the Pikey Danda is just amazing!

The trekking trail starts from Salleri (it is about 8-9 hours drive from Kathmandu via BP Highway) and concludes in Phaplu from where you can take a flight back to Kathmandu. You will trek through amazing Sherpa, Tamang, and Magar communities and also you will have a complete glimpse of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and landscapes. Including the stunning views of the Himalaya, you can also observe centuries-old monasteries, Mani Stones, and Buddhists Stupas. For those who want to explore region skipping the renowned trails, we recommend you explore the Pikey Trail in Khumbu Region.

4. DhudhKunda Khaling Trekking (14-16 Days)

Dudh Kunda (Lake) in Everest Region

Very few trekkers know about Dudhkunda (Dudh Pokhari) trekking trail in Everest Region in Nepal. The altitude of Dhudhkunda is 4560m above the sea level and explored very few trekkers rather it is the most popular pilgrimage site in Nepal. Many Hindu Devotees visit this Lake during August on Janai Purnima. Dudh Kunda is the newly opened trekking trail for foreigners in Nepal and it has plenty of options in order to explore naturally and culturally. ‘Khaling Rai’ the ethnic group is the dominant class in the Khumbu area and they have their own language and culture. The locally-made alcohol ‘Chhang’ is the popular drink and one should try this whilst visiting in this region.

The DudhKunda Khaling Trek starts either by flight to Phaplu or drives from Kathmandu. Nowadays, you can drive direct to Salleri (2390m) via BP highway passing through Okhaldhunga. You will trek through the most amazing villages and landscapes such as Takshindu (3835m), Beni (4000m), and DudhKunda(4560m).  This about 2 weeks journey gives you complete tastes of Nepal’s Himalayas and enjoys the less-trafficked trekking trail in Nepal.

5. Nar Phu Valley Trek (18-20 Days)

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek is about 3 weeks long trekking in the Annapurna Region, which will take you through the Tibetan Villages of Nar and Phu Valleys and Tilicho Lake. If you want to experience the less trodden remote regions in the Himalayas, this trek could be the best option.  The Nar Phu Valley Trek is a newly launched trekking trail in Nepal and one can experience the view of high snow-capped mountains, ancient villages, and high altitude grazing settlements. This exotic hidden village of Nar and Phu offers many ancient monasteries and Choterns and you will cross the Kang La Pass (4530m), the height point of this trekking with stunning views of the Annapurnas. The Nar-Phu Valley trek is also one of the most recommended newly opened trekking trails in Nepal.

Nepal offers the greatest altitude variations in the world as the altitude ranges from 65 meters of the sea level to the height point on earth. This is what, it is very essential to be very concerned and careful before you plan any Himalayan adventure trip to Nepal. It is always requested to be completely aware of the trekking trails, the altitude, the difficulties and etc. Before your Himalayas adventure trip kicks- off, please check out Pre-Departure Information, Trekking Information in Nepal, Info about touring in Nepal.  

Happy Trekking!


This article was first published in August 2016 and updated in 2020.

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