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On 25th April 2015, Nepal was rocked by 7.8 Magnitude of the earthquake which left more than 8000 people dead and hundreds of thousand people homeless. It’s been already more than a year since the earthquake took place. One of the crucial backbones of the country, tourism is still impacted and many tourists are still not ready to make their way to this wonderful Himalayan Nation. Despite the fact that the entire tourism entrepreneurs are assuring the safety and offering discounts on every product they offer. Now, this could be a golden opportunity for those planning to visit Nepal and I am presenting the 5 Great Tips for Post-Earthquake Travelers in Nepal.

  1. Give priority to the most impacted regions and Help Make Difference

Some of the regions in Nepal were severely damaged by the earthquake but now this has all been recovered and locals are awaiting travelers to visit their areas. They have set up lodges, restaurants, and other necessary infrastructure in order to offer smooth service to every traveler. So, giving first priority to the Earthquake impacted region rather than the so-called tourist destinations can be a great contribution to the country.  For example, Langtang Region, Gorkha Districts, Sindhupalchok Districts are some of the most impacted areas and these destinations offer amazing and pleasing scenarios for tourists. Visiting Langtang and its Valley can help locals forget their terrible times and help get recovered. So that Why Not we give first priority to those affected areas rather than the other popular destinations and help locals get recovered?

  1. Take advantage of volunteering to the earthquake-affected areas of the country

This can be understood that we are compelled to write this kind of article related to Post Earthquake even now, after more than a year of mega-earthquake in Nepal because there is nothing much changed and people are still facing many problems in terms of health awareness,  shelters, food and etc. You can go and search where could be the best destination to volunteer and contribute your knowledge to the needy people in the village of Nepal and especially those who are affected by earthquakes. Volunteering is a great job and gives you complete satisfaction and always a great feeling. I would recommend Backpacker Medics is one of the platforms that connect to the patients living remote areas with the most appropriate health services, specialist care, treatment and aware remote people about health, cleanliness, women’s health, and many other health awareness programs. At the moment, the North-east village of Nepal, Kerauswara is benefited from BPM and hundreds of volunteers have tailored the way to this tiny rural village and contributed their skills to the poor and unfortunate people.

  1. Take advantage of Post-Earthquake Tourism in Nepal

For almost of year, most of the tourism entrepreneurs have to stay Calm because of no business. Now, tourists are starting to come and everything is back to Normal. Most of the trekking companies in Nepal are offering heavy discounts on their products and making most of the budget of the trip friendly in order to encourage travelers to visit Nepal. Why not you take advantage of Post-Earthquake Tourism or Disaster Tourism in Nepal. Not only after an earthquake, but Nepal also used to be completely budget-friendly to every traveler. Now, this creates a great opportunity for exploring the country and making the trip memorable once-in-a-lifetime.

  1. Donate your time & knowledge- Can Help Re-build Nepal

There are hundreds of projects that are working in Nepal to help rebuild and make a difference. You can donate your time and knowledge to help rebuild the country co-operating with the projects or direct getting involved in the community. If you want to get directly involved and help rebuild the community, you will need to be capable of building experience in rural conditions or willing to get your hand dirty by laboring with locals, can adjust with basic conditions of living and food. If you are an engineer and have experience in construction, this would also make Big Difference!

  1. Feel like home and Enjoy this beautiful Himalayan nation

Nepal offers plenty of adventurous activities and deserves to satisfy any kind of travel enthusiast and make their stay as fruitful as possible. There are ten places in Nepal that have been listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites within the radius of 28 KM, there are seven World Heritage Sites and three others inside the country. Now, we can understand how culturally rich this country is and representing heritage landmarks for several centuries. Moreover, Nepal is popular in the world as the country of Mount Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha and people live in the country are welcoming and friendly.  Therefore, I suggest Visit Nepal even after the massive earthquake, Feel like home and enjoy this beautiful Himalayan nation.

Happy Travels!

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